"If Knowledge and understanding could be transferred from one person to another like a yawn, then wisdom would become Magically Contagious" ~A quote written by Michael Iva.

Without education for all, wisdom can never be contagious, or achieved. Without an worthy target, there can be nothing to aim for, and thus no target could be achieved. We must have something to aim for. That aim must be the ideal, something worthy, something of value to hopefully achieve...something like wisdom.

A collaboration between
Mary Papaefstathiou (art direction/design),
Michael Iva (writer)
The poster was selected at the International Poster Exhibition
“Innovation in Education".
Here exhibited at Erzurum / Türkiye
The owl is a symbol of wisdom, of being wise, and of knowing.

The image projected in this poster. The wise old owl poses it's wisdom, to a symbolic audience of young owls of every age group, race, and creed...asking and answering the core question of all educational systems throughout time, everywhere "Whoooooooo needs education?"... " Youuuuuuuuuuuuu, that's who".....stating an un-refutable truth to all, "It's wise to give everyone an equal education?"

A collaboration between
Mary Papaefstathiou (art direction/final design),
Evgenia Drouga (illustration),
Michael Iva (writter)
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