Maria Papaefstathiou partnered with author Topper Sherwood
to create the cover of Topper's new book Carla Rising
The book challenges war and violence as a means for resolving political / labor struggles.
A novel based on a true story.
The story of Carla Rising follows the injustice and violence endured by a real community of coal miners in the 1920s. This rugged band stands up to callous industrialists and corrupt law­enforcement officials to win decent working conditions, fair pay and greater regard for human life. Having escaped her overbearing mother’s mountain life, Carla Rising finds herself caught between two rival leaders in a workers’ rebellion against the brutal regime of a corrupt county sheriff and the Sovereign Coal Company.
Carla Rising walks a rugged path for justice as she and the miners defend their mountain settlement. The conflict ultimately draws the involvement of the US Army, whose leaders threaten to use their newest bombing planes to put a quick end to the energy war if Carla and the miners don’t back down….
I illustrated the cover to portray this hero woman and truly collectivist. A strong woman who lost her husband but continued to fight for  justice, in the union. For one -her husband- and all. 

More about the book:
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